”The transformational coaching with Jeanette has been amazing. In the first session she really managed to get to all the points I wanted and needed to work on. I felt really comfortable with her and we had a very good connection. Jeanette used all her different techniques which made sure that all the right subjects were spoken about and well documented. You can tell that the NLP background she has really comes to use here!

The second session in which we released a lot of stuff in my unconscious mind was very liberating. It was a full afternoon of work but I have felt the benefits of it ever since! Releasing my old patterns was always a big issue for me but these sessions have been a real breakthrough!

After the sessions she wrote a whole document for me that enables me to look back on the sessions and use them in day to day life. I have felt more secure and balanced since. I still need to work on it on a daily basis but everything has become easier since.

I would recommend the deep session to anyone who is up for it!

Thank you Jeanette, you are a beautiful person.”

Aad Havermans, Entrepeneur in hospitality business, Netherlands


”I once arrived 10 minutes early for a session and Jeanette wasn’t anywhere to be found.  At exactly the time of our meeting she opened a door and came out. When I asked her where she had been she said:  ”I just like to meditate for an hour or so to make sure I really am in the right state of mind and fully focused on you”.  I find Jeanette quite unusual in her depth of integrity, professionalism, and perhaps most importantly her clear thoughtful and loving intent.  She seems to draw on a wealth of knowledge that spans the latest ideas in western psychology right through to the deepest of spiritual belief systems.  Do not expect her to be airy fairy though. She will happily cut direct to the point, and give clear precise answers and insights. There are few that can achieve this without triggering one’s ego to shield itself from having to listen to the truth.  In summary, if you want to be more effective in work, play or love, and you actually do want to listen and make changes, …”

Mr R Prout, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of Solution Foundry Ltd and 1791 Ltd, NZ


Jeanette har hjälpt mig att förstå att innan man kan fylla på någon annans energiförråd måste man först fylla på sitt eget. Fram till dess hade många års arbete med att lära mig ta bättre hand om mig själv gett mig massor av jättebra kunskap, men inte lett till någon förändring i verkligheten. Nu, däremot, när livslusten försvinner och allt blir grått och tvådimensionellt, vet jag att det betyder att jag har glömt bort mig själv igen. I stället för att tro att jag är ett ohjälpbart fall eller att jag måste förändra något i min omvärld för att må bra, ser jag nu till att ta lite tid för mig själv och göra något som jag mår bra av. Och ser man på – när jag fyller på mig själv får omvärlden tillbaka sin färg och den tredje dimensionen. Magi!

Katharina L


”Jeanette Carleson is a person of great insight and deep understanding. To have her as a coach and therapist is a gift. Her light and ability to focus on the true matter without fear and hesitations has helped me to understand the underlying patterns that held me back. She has guided me through two periods of hardship and pain in my life and made me face my own limitations which I created out of ignorance and cowardice. We all create our own prison and if one wants to break free and really enjoy life there is no escape. The responsibility is our own, placed right down in our laps, but without guidance and the lightness from another soul it’s difficult to baldly confront the fears that keeps us back. Jeanette has that ability, the ability to make us confront our own monsters and turn them to allies. She works in a sensitive and caring way which made it possible for me to move on and see the love and underlying positive force that always exists alongside the clutter and fear. I felt seen and guided. She has a spiritual side that is natural and unclouded which made it possible for me to rely in her guidance. Lightness, intelligence, deep understanding and courage is the words that comes to me when I think of her. And love of course. Isn’t that what we are looking for in a therapist? Inner light, positive thinking without neglecting and denying the pain, and a useful toolbox of insights and new more fruitful ways of approaching life is what I have received, the work is mine but without her help it I don’t think I would have been able to do it. If she comes your way, use her gifts and be true to your own destiny. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I recommend her from the bottom of my heart.”

Annika B, Sweden


”Recently, I encountered a deep seated belief in myself that was sorely inhibiting my happiness despite years of personal growth and healing.  Jen’s coaching and focused approach helped me to move through this major block with ease and to finally release it totally and forever. My life has changed dramatically since then in a way I could not have envisioned previously.  I am truly grateful for her intuitive, loving and professional approach.”

Marg.B, NZ


”Jeanette is a wonderful coach, very skilled, wise, compassionate and with an amazing positive energy. I can warmly recommend her!”

Cissi Williams, NLP Trainer, Osteopath, Naturopath, Sweden/UK


”There has been a wonderful journey and of my life’s greatest gifts to have a coach as Jeanette. Without Jeanette’s help I could not find the little gems that have helped me to open my eyes, look into my deepest thoughts, and find and process my painful memories that I had managed to forget; looking at the little things that make a big difference in life and much more. Her infectious positivity and joy, and willingness to help for you feel better in all ways, has made a big change in my life. She is truly doing everything for you to find the joy deep within so that your happiness can radiate out in rest of the world. I can highly recommend Jeanette to anyone who wants to live a happy life and, above all, enjoy life to 100%.”

Kaisa, Sweden


”It is easy to forget the holistic vision when you get stuck in a pain. Whatever disguise. I have received the help I needed when contacting Jeanette. This and much more. It will be a treatment of heart to heart.”

Mia H, Sweden


”I would say that the coaching from Jeanette has been a very positive and uplifting experience I would (and I have already!) recommended it to friends and family in need of a deeper level of help and healing.  We covered a lot of ground in our sessions. The work that we have done has made me look at my life slightly differently and I think I am living in a more positive and healthy manner than before. One of the pieces that has really stuck with me was to listen to and follow my heart I have made some big decisions based on this and am already feeling the benefit for it.  Thank you Jeanette!”

Abby W, Oxford


Jag är så oerhört tacksam över att jag träffat dig Jeanette. Du är en person som jag känner ett väldigt stort förtroende för och du utstrålar en enorm värme. Du har väglett mig från att ligga i min säng och vara osäker på om jag vill leva till att jag idag vill äta av allt som finns på livets smörgåsbord. Jag har äntligen sett hur mitt liv ligger i mina händer och hur jag har möjligheten att göra vad jag vill av mitt liv. Du har gett mig verktygen och fått mig att förstå att jobbet ligger i mina egna händer.

Tack, underbara Jeanette!

Marika M


The boldness and honesty of this woman, Wow…Jeanette has a natural gift which takes you places within yourself that you wouldn’t even imagine. The journey with her is amazing and yet challenging. Let me make it clear, she is not going to solve your problems but instead help you find the tools which suits your individual needs to achieve what you want.

You are going to have to do Your work, and she will work you hard. The power of learning to dig within myself and stay true to myself and who I am, has helped me evolve and grow across all aspects of life. I have found the tools within me that I never knew how to utilise, I was never comfortable enough to use them, but thanks to Jeanette, I found the courage to use them and it has changed my life. I learnt the importance of staying in my territory and stay true to myself.  This is not just a job where she makes money or sees it as an obligation, but she truly genuinely cares about her clients. Be prepared to stop visioning the life that you always wanted, but instead get ready to live the life you always envisioned, I promise you if you are willing to do the work, Jeanette will get you there.

Khadeeja S